Blogging for Jobs

24 Oct

When I began blogging 7 years ago, I thought long and hard what I wanted to do with it. E-commerce? Advertising? Affiliate marketing? But I was already doing stuff to earn my keep. So, I came up with the same theme and subject matter that I thought will help me in the things I did during that time till now.

I blogged about myself.

No, it’s not a conceited way to bring me up to celeb status. Rather, I blogged the way I thought, the subject matter that interest me, and a few things I liked personally. I wrote about the BPO and the call center industry that I belonged to, the small business owner that I empathized with, tech stuff that amazed me, lifestyle items that tickled my fancy, and a few testimonials on my personal side.

In short, I blogged about myself to sell myself.

Being the sales side of the business, any online and social media interaction I have with a newfound friend or acquaintance will always bring some doubts about who I am to that person. Sharing phone numbers that quick isn’t the norm in the virtual world. Chat doesn’t respond well in the business side of things. So, a blog is the best means by which a stranger gets to know me a little bit better — and the “stranger wall” starts to “a tumblin’ down.”

My surname is my blog’s domain name — It’s easy to remember and easy to go to. Since the time it has been up and running, I’ve had new friends and new business colleagues go to my blog site, read some stuff, and get back to me affirming something I wrote, praising me for writing this and that, or simply saying they enjoyed reading my blog. And only then do I start selling them what I’m trying to market and sell. Put that in the perspective of a headhunter, corporate HR head or friends you want them to refer you to, your blog opens the door much, much wider than your usual resume.

Think about it!

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One Response to “Blogging for Jobs”

  1. The Rogue Writer (@TheRogueWriter) October 28, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    Blogging is one of the Best Marketing tool…

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