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Everyone Needs a Job!

19 Sep

This is a blog about jobs for those seeking temporary or permanent work, consulting, project-basis or full-time employment. Anything goes!

It’s in my interest to help people get more options to the type of work they seek. Everyone wants a full-time job but sometimes, a good part-time work or even a home-based one pops out from time to time and may interest a handfull. Whatever it is, this is the place to be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, have been in the salt mines for some time, have recently retired but want to continue working or others. For those who seek the job, I do hope this place can help you find what you’re looking for.

I belong to many global business and social networks so I can’t say which particular part of the world am I going to serve. So, rather than limit myself, I’m opening the doors to the world. However, I’ll start it off with the Philippines, Canada and the United States. The rest will come in later.

Understand that this is hosted by, a blogging solution. Each new entry pushes all previous entries down the page. So, your best bet to find the right job is by clicking on the “Category” links at the right column.

Now, let me turn to the businesses and organizations who may opt to post their job openings here. For now, it’s FREE! For now. If the work becomes too much, then, understand that I’ll need to start hiring people to manage everything and that means expenses. Don’t worry. When that time comes, it won’t even come close to what the online job boards charge. But that’s still a plan…

Things start off slow. Maybe it’ll go on faster. For now, it’s good and it’s fun to help people get jobs. So, spread the word about this site so we can grow it and funnel a way for a cheaper way of doing things.