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It’s All in the Mind: 3 Long- term Confidence Boosters to Equip you for that Interview

25 May

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Having fits of nervousness is something all too familiar to us. Be it getting up on stage to talk to a crowd of people or just walking into the interview hall with the HR head staring at you from the other end of the room. Even seasoned public speakers still have their shaky moments right before a big speech.

Where does this lack of confidence come from?

We are born of confidence. Remember when you were a kid, you couldn’t care less if you dance around in your underwear or belt out a Whitney Houston song even if you were completely out of tune. When we were younger, we are not plagued by previous mistakes or reminded of our past failures.

As we grow older, we carry this bag of second-guessing. We gain doubts as we progress. This in return, could have fatal repercussions to us, especially when subjected to high-pressure situations such as a job interview.

Other than the demands we set for ourselves, another factor that contributes to self-doubt is the phenomenon called Fresh Graduate Anxiety. Feeling incompetent, fresh graduates tend to sell themselves short in hopes to make up for their lack of experience and skills. Humility is a great trait; however the excess of it gives off a negative impression on the interviewee.

The 4-minute Window

It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. For an interviewer to make a final decision about the applicant, four minutes. You might wonder how can it be possible for them to decide in that short span of time? Remember, your resume already did the its job of giving them a snippet of you—your employment background, affiliations, skills and even your hobbies.

In an interview, they are no longer interested in hearing that. Their evaluation will now rely on how you carry yourself, how you speak and look, the way you greeted the interviewer. All these point back to your level of self-confidence.

Lucky for you, self-confidence can be grown from trees. Here’s how:

“I am the best but I am not” paradox

We may rely on cues from the society to validate ourselves. We look from others to establish who we are and appraise our achievements. As cliché as it may sound, no one can tell that you’re not good enough except yourself.

Try this exercise, every morning right after you wake up, tell yourself that you are the best. You may feel a little weird at first, but this repetitive action will soon diminish your doubts and lead you to believe that, yes, I am good enough and no one dictate what I can and cannot do.

But just like any other things, this must be done in balance. This is where the paradox comes in—you are good, you are fit for the job, but you are not perfect.

This can be applied not only in job interviews but on your perception in life: you can never be the best if you are not constantly learning and changing yourself. Remember the Buddhist teaching, “You cannot fill a cup that is already full”. So while you fill yourself up with confidence, leave a hole at the bottom to drain out mistakes, and make space for new ideas.

Know the “Power Pose”

The basic premise of the power pose is that the more space you take in, the more “powerful” the posture is. An example of this may be raising your elbows, fists clenched behind your head and your legs resting on top of a desk; another would be standing up, feet astride with your hands on your hips.

This may look very rude and intimidating to others, but studies show that in effect, the “power pose” increases testosterone levels—a hormone linked to power and dominance; and cortisol, the hormone that controls our stress levels. Another study by Amy Cuddy and her colleagues from Harvard Business School claimed that students who spent time, two minutes to be exact, in power pose before an interview performed better and gave striking speeches.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

If someone talks to you and cannot look straight into your eyes, or is constantly fiddling with something, wouldn’t you feel a little suspicious? He might be hiding something, or worse, lying about it. Now let us reverse the roles, you walk in with your shoulders slouched, chin tucked in and arms around your body—what would the interviewers think?

The interview does not begin the moment you shake hands with your interviewer, it starts soon as you walk in. The way you walk, carry yourself in an air of confidence, your smile, where and how your eyes are fixated—they all say a lot more about yourself than you can put into words.

People also tend to forget that during an interview, it is humans they are talking to and not robots. Be it a phone, video call, or a personal interview, there is a human on the other side and with this, connecting with them goes a long way.

You are engaging in a conversation thus you should also make them feel that you are interested. Crossing your arms or legs is a closed body language that shows disinterest. Instead, you could lean forward, angle your torso towards the person and maintain direct eye contact. Nodding and tilting your head is also a nonverbal way of participating.

You are the Primary cause of everything. British psychologist, Richard Wiseman calls this the “As If” principle —if you act as if you were calm, confident and happy then it’s likely that you will actually start to feel calm, confident and happy.

The mind is much more powerful than we perceive. More than it controls our actions, it can alter our mood, perception of ourselves and our ability to do things. It then turns into a vicious cycle: our body language affects our body chemistry which then affects how we carry ourselves, our level of comfort and confidence.

In the end, it all boils down on how you see yourself. If you think you’re small and incompetent, your body and the people around you will pick up on that and believe it, however if you think you are capable then you will be.

Quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind.”

So how do gain confidence? Easy, start believing that you already are.

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Do You Want to Party While Being Recruited?

25 Jul

Online job portal, jobsDB Philippines, pioneers another innovation in the recruitment industry with HIRED – the jobsDB Recruitment Party! HIRED aims to provide job seekers with job opportunities in the BPO/Call center industry; one of the country’s fastest growing and highest-paying employment sectors.

Oliver C. Ramos, Marketing Manager of jobsDB Philippines, adds that HIRED is the first of its kind in Philippines.

“Our goal is to take the recruitment process in the country to a whole new level and HIRED is but the first of many other events we have in mind to do just that. In the past, job seekers would have to wait until after they receive their first salary to celebrate being hired, now, we want them to celebrate right away!”

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Day Shift Telemarketers

6 Mar

The company. RSO Corp. is a search and staffing company in the Philippines with decades of experience in recruitment and hiring. It has been tasked by its client to recruit telemarketers and have them hired and on-board by March 20, 2014.

Job requirement. The client of RSO Corp. is looking for ten (10) full-time telemarketing call center agents or reps that will report to work at the client’s Ortigas Center office in the Philippines. This is a full-time, onsite, day-shift schedule, from 10:00 AM till 7:00 PM. Prospective customers or leads being called by telemarketer will originate from English-speaking populations of East Asian countries. Initial projects or campaigns include appointment setting.

Work site. The location of the client’s office is in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Avenue Corner Garnet & Sapphire Streets, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. This is where hired applicants will report for work everyday.

Skills requirement or job qualification. The applicant must have the following qualification:

  • Has had at least one (1) year experience as a telemarketer
  • Good command of conversational English
  • Good selling skills on the phone
  • High school diploma with some college units
  • In good health and good standing as a Filipino citizen

Compensation and benefits. The applicant, if hired, will receive a starting basic gross salary of P15,000.00 a month plus employee benefits accorded to by the labor laws of the Philippines. Additional benefits and incentives based on performance and tenure will also be given.

Start of work – March 20, 2014.

Please send your CV or resumes by e-mail with the title of the email’s SUBJECT = RSO TELEMARKETER 1 to any of the following e-mail addresses and Facebook account:

Do not forget to put the title or subject of the e-mail as RSO TELEMARKETER 1.


Supervisor ● QA ● CSR ● Telemarketers

21 Jul


Kunnect is currently working with the only full-service CRM agency in the Philippines and the largest in Southeast Asia. Its client is seeking the following positions for its various projects as soon as possible. Most of the positions will fulfill daytime work. Salary rate depends on experience and capabilities.

Basic Monthly Salaries:
P15,000-18,000 – CSR & Telemarketer
P16,000-18,000 – QA Analyst
P20,000-23,000 – Supervisor

The jobs will be based in Makati City.

Kindly send your detailed resume to with the subject “CRM Agency”.

Please note that we can only process those who have worked in a call center and with experience in these specific positions.

Document Archival Analyst – Philippines

6 Mar

Job Code: 80229

The Client is a BPO Company located in Libis, Quezon City, Philippines.

Qualifications: At least 3 years experience working in a multi-platform processing environment, which includes hands on knowledge in 1 or 2 of the following platform environments: MVS, UNIX, and NT / Technically inclined with interest in operations in the area of report management / Ability to operate/understand different report management tools e.g. On-demand, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Control-D, Control-D/PC and Business Objects / Background in UNIX Shell programming, Java, C, REXX, DBCS (Double Byte Character Set), and Unicode is an advantage / Conversant in the usage of presentation and process tools e.g. Powerpoint and Visio / Good communication and documentation skills preferably with strong background using Microsoft office tools eg Excel, Word, etc / Have an eye for details, process oriented, and possess good interpersonal skills / Independent, self-starter and with the ability to work within a team environment / Ability to work under pressure / Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of staff.

Job Description: Support the report distribution and archival functions for SIT, UAT, and PROD environments for over thirty (30) countries across three (3) regions namely Asia Pacific, Japan, and EMEA. Primary focus is on the administration of the On-Demand system used for the archival of reports and statements and Control-D system used for distribution of reports to in-country data centers for countries supported by APPC (Asia Pacific Processing Center).

Please send your Word-formatted CV/resume to Kindly specify JOB CODE: 80229. Your intent to apply and any documents we receive from you will be kept in the strictest confidence and will never be shared or sent to anyone except our clients which we have a contract and obligation to provide recruitment services, including sending documents pertaining to credentials and qualification. If you do not agree to this condition, we cannot process your intent to apply.